Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stompers (Heroes and Other Worlds)

Stompers (Territorial)
#1d4; ST20  DX12 MV6; AR-1; DM 1d6; TR (Pouch, Lair X2)

Strange, mostly-reptilian beings, the Stompers appeared suddenly from seemingly nowhere and laid waste to fiefdom after fiefdom as they descended upon the fertile fields of  isolated farmsteads and baronies like a plague of locusts. What they could not immediately consume, they carried off or burned. Then winter came. The Stompers seemed to be completely unfamiliar with notion that the seasons might change, that a cold winter might follow the warmth of summer. Wherever they came from, they did not have such changeable seasons.

Unfortunately, the Stompers survived their first winter and have gone on to invade, despoil and lay waste to a host of small villages and farming communities. The people cry out for help. Surely someone, somewhere will come to their aid in this time of dire trouble...

Example Counter from Set One

Heroes & Other Worlds is a fantasy adventure game inspired by Metagaming's classic Melee/Wizard/TFT games, with some elements taken from the Moldvay edition of the oldest and largest table top RPG. The system is simple, easy to learn, very flexible and a lot of fun. It uses standard six-sided dice and can be used to revive and re-play some of those classic old adventures like Death Test...or one of the programmed adventures from Dark City Games...or to create brand new ones. There is a dedicated H&OW forum, G+ community, some nifty free resources (Including Issue 0 of The Cauldron, the official Heroes & Other Worlds fan-zine). The rules are available HERE.

We're currently working on a set of counters and an adventure for Heroes & Other Worlds that makes use of those you will be seeing the Stomper and it's cohorts in the near future.

...and yes, the Stompers are an Invasive Species, so this post is part of this month's RPG Blog Carnival.


  1. Jim this is a great creature and fantastic art and counters! Thanks for sharing this and for supporting H&OW!

    1. Cool. Glad you like the Stomper. I really like Heroes & Other Worlds. It brings back the best parts of Melee & Wizard...and it's just plain fun. I'm working on a mini-scenario for my wife; she gets to try out the prototype counters...

  2. I like these guys. For some reason (I guess the stomping?) they remind me of Gorgon in the Inhumans.

    1. They're an alchemically-assisted blending of Basilisk, Gorgon and Cockatrice traits...only they did not develop any sort of petrifying ability of their own...yet. That's what they're looking for; a way to awaken the dormant power they believe is within them based upon their heritage. So far they have had no luck, which is a good thing for everyone else...


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