Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Quick Peek at my Workspace for Jack

This is a photo of my current work-in-progress this morning, not counting the writing-chores, editing, revision and lay-out stuff, but you get some idea of what I'm up to: Critters, counters, caverns, cut-up critters, mucoids...yeah, more mucoids...and Octopos, or rather Octosoldiers over there on the upper left.

Here's a web-friendly version of the raw scan of the sketchbook on the left...

If the counter set works out, we're going to look into converting some of them into tokens for one of the virtual table-top services, as well as convert a few into paper-miniatures.

Oh, I forgot to include the other dozen robots. Well, gotta leave something for next time...


  1. I love your line-drawings, they're fab. I'm a big fan of pen-and-ink.

    1. Thanks for the very kind comment. I miss my old crow-quill and rapidograph pens, but these Ceramicron pens are a lot less messy and do a pretty good job. I've been spending a lot more time drawing the last few days. I have had a lot of fun doing some cut-up stuff using sectioned pen & ink drawings and the scanner.


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