Saturday, July 12, 2014

Killing Frost

Winter rarely leaves gracefully in Wermspittle, nor even completely, if you believe the tales of Foragers and other scavengers. Out past the barriers, where trees and Red Weeds are reclaiming the ruins and rubble left from the bombs and fires, if you manage to avoid the sticky strands of Yellow Death or the lingering patches of Black Smoke, you might run afoul of the Killing Frost.

Killing Frost is considered to be almost a type of hazardous terrain or aberrant weather effect that is distinctly different from Blue Frost. It appears suddenly, with little warning, causing an area of up to 30' in diameter to suddenly plunge into extremely cold conditions. Heavy layers of frost and ice form rapidly across every surface. The area radiates such intense cold that those caught in the effect suffer damage as though they were exposed to the worst arctic conditions. Then, within 10 minutes or less, the Killing Frost fades and everything goes back to normal.

There were no recorded reports of Killing Frost in Wermspittle prior to the Parzguin Expedition into the heart of the Glowfield. Perhaps this is just a coincidence, though some Yellow Journalists have taken the position that somehow, someway the members of that ill-fated expedition brought back something that now prowls about the place and the Killing Frost is simply some sort of after-effect of its passing. It is an intriguing theory, but one that has yet to be tested by accredited experts. With the recent transfer of Gnosiomandus away from the Academy it is unclear who or what department might eventually take up this matter...

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