Friday, January 31, 2014

January 2014 RPG Blog Carnival Wrap-Up

January 2014's RPG Blog Carnival was hosted here at the Hereticwerks blog. The topic for the month was Transitions. Several RPG bloggers participated in the Carnival. Thanks to all of you who participated!

Here's a round-up of the ones we know about:

Alesmiter contributed a post looking Behind the Screen in '14.

Book Scorpion discussed some of the transitions currently taking place in her Endlands and 7th Sea campaigns.

Big Ball of No Fun shared recent revolutionary developments in their gaming group--the players are making the transition over to running games and becoming GMs, offering them a chance to regroup and experience things from the other side of the screen for a change of pace.

Grimnir talked about Feast and Famine in terms of how their group has been impacted by real-life commitments and schedules. Losing a particular character/player for a while can really shake things up.

G. K. Coleman has just made the transition to becoming an RPG Blogger. Welcome to the blogoverse G.K.! We're looking forward to reading about your blogging adventures.

Rick Hammell offered some very cogent thoughts about various real-world transitions that could be ported into an RPG environment and he provided a d20 random table as well!

Martin L. at Warehouse of Trinkets has also transitioned from being the GM to being a player for a while...and it looks like he might not like it. At least not yet. This can be a particularly tough transition for some folks. A lot of us get used to being the DM/GM, making it difficult to surrender the control, to step back from the screen, and let someone else take over for a while. For whatever it might be worth, I have always found it energizing and inspiring to switch-over to being a player from time to time. Even at its worst, no matter how badly a game session gets botched, you come away with ideas for how to do things next time, and it is valuable to gain some insight into what it feels to be on the other side of the screen. I've found that has helped make me a better referee/DM. But it isn't necessarily an easy transition.

Porky gave us Near Future Wor*fare; a look at a world where Zonetech has brought about a transition that has horribly mingled and mangled the boundaries between consumerism and violence in unsettling ways. This is also part of the ongoing From the Zones community project hosted by FATEsf.

Speaking of FATEsf, John Till's contribution 'Thursday Night Punctuated Equilibrium,' came in just under the wire. He wrote about some of the transitions his gaming group has gone through in the last year, and some of the exciting things in store in the months ahead.

NukeHavoc/Ken Newquist over at the Nuketown blog posted about the various and sundry transitions his gaming group is going through in 2014, moving into new systems, new roster of members, and a new venue--2014 certainly does appear to be a real Year of Transitions for these folks!

February's Blog Carnival will be hosted by Enderra, and the theme is 'The Icy Embrace of Winter.'

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