Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Summary: Week of 12/23 to 12/29, 2013 (Delayed)

Things got a little jumbled over the holidays, plus I scalded my hand pretty badly, so the Sunday Summary for the last week of December got skipped. Until now.

Here's a quick summary of what we've posted to the blog for the week of  Monday 12/23 to Sunday 12/29, 2013.

We posted our first new entry for the revised and expanding Zalchis Bestiary. The Malevolent Vestiges are mindless echoes of forgotten things that do not want to remain forgotten. They are on the Wandering Monster matrix for the upcoming Zalchis: Cold Start scenario at Con of the North in February 2014. That time is fast approaching, so we'll have a few more things to share very soon.

Lorveer's Mask is a peculiar relic that could show up in any number of places, spaces and campaigns. It has its uses, but it will insist on using the wearer in its own schemes. This isn't just another unpretty face, this mask has an ego and a personality...too bad it's a real vain, petty sort of would-be tyrant...

Nadume of the Ashen Maze has made the transition over from the old Zalchis blog. Her Labyrinth Lord stats are provided, and we'll be detailing some of her favored retainers and providing more details on the Ashen Waste in the weeks ahead. Nadume's Glyph-Gems can teach you many things, if you strike a good bargain.

Bujilli was delayed due to unnecessary roughness on the part of the coffee pot. I scalded my hand pretty badly and needed some time off to heal-up.

Oneiric Encounters. This is just the beginning. We've been working on Oneirical things for a while now, and as more details get revealed concerning Sprague in the ongoing serialized adventures of Bujilli in Wermspittle, we'll be rolling out more of this sort of stuff.

A quick place-holder while my hand healed up; this Square is part of a work-in-progress. you'll see more of this stuff soon.

We participated in Tim Snider's Obsolete Simulations Roundup blog-hop. Our first installment was a review and consideration of SPI's orphaned and seemingly abandoned Universe RPG.

Next we'll get caught up on what happened last week...
We did not do a Year-end Retrospective. Yet. We're just more excited about what we're working on for the weeks and months ahead. Now that my hand is healed-up fairly well, we may take a look back. There were some interesting things that happened in 2013...


  1. The past year here turned out pretty much incredible. If the future is going to be anything at all like that, here's to it.

    1. I'm hoping to wrap-up a lot of stuff that has been hanging over my head for a while in that regard, I'm hoping this year is better than last...


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