Friday, January 10, 2014

Shollog (Zalchis)

No. Enc.: 1
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 300' (Projection)
Armor Class: 9
Hit Dice: 12
Attacks: 1 (Bite)
Damage: 4d4*
Save: F12
Morale: 11

Special: Unaffected by Charm or Sleep spells. They can only attack with their bite once every other round. *Shollog are able to swallow prey whole on an attack roll of 19 or 20. Those swallowed whole suffer 2d4 damage and must Save or age 1d100 years, per Round. After 2d4 Turns, the victim has passed beyond the reach of the beasts fore-parts, and is effectively beyond rescue.

Shollog are ponderous, slow-moving creatures. The majority of their massive bulk is rooted deeply in the past and only the barest fraction of their fore-parts protrude into current-time. Those whom they swallow whole are slowly, excruciatingly pulled back in time, however few survive the experience as they also suffer accelerated aging simultaneously...

There are reports that the disrupted temporal energies surrounding Shollogs are somehow intensifying, as if the huge things were being dragged forward through time. some believe that these things are somehow 'burrowing' their way to the very point of collapse, perhaps as part of some weird migration...

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  1. Very neat! Do any creatures back time of them follow them around to collect their excreta? Seems like there might be all kinds of interesting magic items and other collectables mixed in with it.

    1. Glad you like it. Operating back-time of a Shollog is dangerous, not the least for how things are rapidly compressing and condensing under intense forces to precipitate forwards in stuttering, often disruptive jumps. The Shollogs used to connect back to the past far more deeply and firmly than they do now. Their very foundations, the underpinnings of their temporal perches (so to speak) have been undermined, uprooted, destroyed. They may not be migrating quite as much as they are in a sense falling into the future-oblivion before them. There is a good deal one might learn from studying these beings.

      There are flocks of debris, shoals of detritus and excreta, and of course the inevitable scavengers picking through it all, so yes, one might well find any number of time-displaced treasures, trinkets or trash surrounding these leviathan-like things. The full Bestiary will go more fully into these sorts of details. The Cold Start scenario is open-ended, other than a need to abandon the initial location, so there might be an opportunity to go explore one of these creatures and the regions around them, depending on what players at the table decide.

  2. I think you have invented a completely new kind of creature. I've never read about a creature that was threaded through time front to back in quite this way.

    1. Okay. There's probably three or four out there that we don't know about, but in the meantime, I'll bask in the novelty of it all...


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