Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Summary: Week of 12/30 2013 to 1/4, 2014

Here's a quick summary of what we've posted to the blog for the week of  Monday 12/30, 2013 to Saturday 1/4, 2014.

We participated in Tim Snider's Obsolete Simulations Roundup blog-hop. Our second installment was a review and consideration of Tri-Tac's often-overlooked classic Fringeworthy.

We posted our third set of Scenario Seeds featuring Obelisks. We also revised the graphic for this series and did a little cleaning-up of the older entries in the series in preparation for assembling an index. We'll have a few more new Scenario Seeds in the months ahead.

We also posted a teaser-sample image of the main villain from one of our Adventures that will be coming out very soon.

We're very happy to be hosting the January RPG Blog Carnival here at the Hereticwerks blog. The topic this month is Transitions. The blog Carnival is open to anyone interested in participating. Everyone is welcome. Just click over to our Announcement Post for all the details. Or feel free to contact us if you have any questions not answered in the post or at the RPGBA site.

January 1st was also Public Domain Day. We almost missed it, and hope to do something special for next year!

Bujilli: Episode 73 Featured some strange magic and even stranger interior decorating as Bujilli attempted to dispel whatever was blocking his amulet's connection to Hedrard. The episode ended with the group facing a locked door...should they pick the lock, kick it in, or use a Knock spell? You Decide!

We'll post a reminder on Tuesday. Hopefully...

Ten Recently Reported Types of Black Smoke, provides a handy reference for those about to encounter the nasty stuff...and yes, we will have more details on Black Smoke detectors, predictors, and forecasts. Thanks for the suggestion Trey!

The Aethyrim made their first appearance on the blog. These rotten things can be a nightmare to encounter in the basements and cellars of the Burned Over Districts. Good thing the Cellar Inspectors usually carry along a few bells, whistles and bright lights when they go poking around in these sorts of places...

A Few Things from The Zones. Our contribution to the community project: From The Zones, being hosted by the FATEsf blog.

Next Week...
There's a lot of stuff on the old desk and lined-up in the hard-drive, including some fresh monsters, more Glyph-Gems, some Gravelands stuff, and more Wermspittle, especially as we get ready to run the Cellar Inspectors scenario at Con of the North...


  1. Catching up on a week in one session like this is almost too much to take. It's a buzzing kick.

    1. Just don't operate any heavy machinery...

    2. If you hear a grinding creak followed by a squelch, I may already be in Zalchis.


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