Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fight On! Issue 14 is available

All in all this looks like a really nice issue. Fight On! is definitely one of the best RPG fanzines out there. We hate to see Fight On! go away. But who knows, maybe something will happen before Issue 16 takes a bow?

You can find the dead-tree print-version here:

Or you can get the Kindle and/or Epub formated PDF here:

We want to thank Ignatius & Calithena and all the crew involved in making Fight On! happen. We've enjoyed being a very small part of this effort. It's always a lot more fun to draw funny pictures and write-up weird things than it is to do the actual lay-out work!

We had a piece of art included this time out. We're hoping to have a monster or two in the next issue...

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