Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spell: Unnatural Acromegally

Unnatural Acromegally
Level: 3
Duration: Save or Permanent
Range: Touch

Upon a successful touch attack, the caster causes the bones of the victim's hands, feet or head to swell and grow disproportionately large. If the victim succeeds on their Save, the effect of the spell lasts for 1 round per level of the caster, if they fail, the effect is permanent, until dispelled or removed by recourse to some other spell.

In the case of the victim's head being affected, they suffer a -1 penalty to CHAR and their visual and auditory senses are reduced by half, including their ability to Hear Noise, Spot Hidden, etc.

If the victim's hands are affected, they incur a -1 penalty to DEX and can no longer use/manipulate small objects, however they do gain a +1 to damage inflicted by their bare-hands. They also lose the ability to Pick Pockets.

Those who have their feet affected by this spell suffer a -1 penalty to DEX, have their movement rate reduced by one half and can no longer Move Silently.

The most common reversed-form of this spell restores the damage inflicted by the normal version, however there is a variant that drastically reduces the victim's head, hands or feet. The overall effect is mostly the same, only the bonus to damage gained by over-large hands is lost.

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