Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spell: Strange Big Stone

Strange Big Stone
Level: 6
Duration: 1 night per level, per caster
Range: 120'

Very few non-Bogles ever learn to cast this spell, mostly because it is intended to be simultaneously cast by multiple Bogles working in concert. Once cast, this spell forms a massive, dark stone-like mass to form overhead and to levitate in place for 1d4 rounds during which time it can be shoved into place before it falls into place. Once in-place the Strange Big Stone seals everything underneath it inside of an empty, black pocket of non-space for the duration of the spell. Whatever, or whomever is trapped by this massive stone cannot be detected, found or located by any spell, item or oracle. The Strange Big Stone created by this spell  emanates magical Continual Darkness out to a 30' radius, has 1HD per hit point invested in the spell, per caster working together. in addition, at every 2 additional HD, the Strange Big Stone acquires another +1 on all Saves. There is a base 1% chance of the Strange Big Stone becoming either a Dreaming Stone or waking up into a bizarre form of self awareness as a Thinking Stone. Neither of these things has any particular use or loyalty for their creators...

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