Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spell: Transfer Vitality

Transfer Vitality
Level: 2
Duration: Permanent
Range: Touch

Caster transfers their a small portion of their own vitality (hit points) into a suitably prepared item, object or construct. This spell cannot be used to heal living beings. The caster can invest 1d4 hit points per level, once per day. The amount transferred by the spell is rolled randomly and if the amount transferred exceeds the total current hit points of the caster, they are dead. Hit points transferred in this manner take double the normal amount of time to recover and cannot be restored by magical means.


  1. What effect does investing hitpoints in an object have? Is the caster able to retrieve them later to heal themselves perhaps?

    1. There are many, many uses for this sort of spell. Some objects require this sort of investment on the part of the would-be crafter, others take on unique properties or abilities that otherwise would not be possible. golems, constructs and the like can benefit from this spell, even when the usual 'curative' spells will not function for them, or lead to unfortunate complications best avoided. Storing personal vitality inside of some sort of capacitor-device, such as you suggest, is also a strategy employed by some casters, though it has serious risks attached to it. There are amulets, charms, tokens and other such things that can be prepared using this spell, or one of its variants or higher-order versions to both prep the substrate, and to invigorate the underlying matrix, so that other spells will 'take,' or can be embedded, enmeshed or inserted into the things in a way that will sustain them, and not just endure their presence. This is the first stepping-stone to cultivating intelligence, sentience, ego and all that sort of thing within a magical sword or other magical/enchanted item/object/weapon as well.


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