Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spell: Heart-Clutch

Level: 7
Duration: Instant
Range: 10'

A vicious spell, the caster gains the ability to momentarily seize and squeeze the still-beating heart of their victim from up to 10' away. The victim takes 3d6 damage and must make a Save. If they succeed, they are immobilized in pain for the next 3d6 rounds. If they fail, they suffer double damage (6d6) and are immobilized for the next 3d6 hours, during which time they are completely incapable of speech, spell-casting or self-defense. Victims of this spell who do not receive curative spells or other, similar medical care in a timely manner suffer the permanent loss of 1 CON point.

This is a rare spell, rarely taught to outsiders. It is considered an insult to the keepers of the secret teachings of the old master to display this spell to anyone who survives. Those who allow a victim to survive an attack by this spell seldom survive long enough to regret their incompetence.

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