Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spell: Dark Immersion

Dark Immersion
Level: 4
Duration: 1 Turn per level of caster
Range: 10'

The target of this spell is abruptly immersed in dark, cold water to a depth of 10' per level of the caster, and they are held underneath the water for the duration of the spell. Bogles use this spell to drown their enemies even in the midst of their castle bed chambers. A successful Save allows the victim to fight their way up through 10' of the dark water. Victims gain one Save attempt per Turn, but each failed Save incurs a cumulative -1 penalty on all subsequent Saves. This spell can only be cast using the dark-tongue of the Bogles, it has so far defied all textual analysis and efforts to convert or to translate it into any other language.


  1. All of these are so much more flavorful than standard spells.

    1. But these are (mostly) standard spells, in Wermspittle. The Bogle spells are a bit had to come by honestly, but then, if you're looking to deal with Bogles, honesty probably isn't much of a consideration.

      I've been working on the Blue Grimoire for a while now, and wanted to share a few of the spells, to see what folks thought, so I thank you for the feed-back, it is much appreciated!


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