Monday, September 24, 2012

Intro to Sector T-3 (Kepler 22-B: Strange New World)

Kepler 22-B is a Super-Earth that orbits within the Kepler 22 solar system's Habitable Zone (at 0.849 AU). It is one of the earliest confirmed Exoplanets located 600 light years from Earth in the Cygnus constellation. Kepler 22-B is the size of 2.4 Earths in radius. You can learn more about Kepler 22-B from NASA directly:

The Strange New World blog is coordinating a collaborative effort to map and explore Kepler 22-B as an environment suitable for table top role-playing games. If you are at all interested in getting involved in this open and ongoing project, we suggest that you start HERE. The overall Master Map shows the major biomes and keeps track of which sectors have already been claimed. There is also a handy gallery of the various Sector Maps currently being explored/developed.

Sector T-3 Map Courtesy of M. John Stater (Larger version of map available at: Strange New World)

Sector T-3 is a large region 176 hexes wide by 124 hexes high. It is a rocky, mountainous area with warm Mediterranean coasts with a few large freshwater lakes and is dominated by vast, dense forests that are book-ended by two distinctly different desert regions.

Our initial task is to generate an Event/Encounter Table and to detail at least 20 Notable Locations within this sector. So let us begin...

Sector T-3 Intro | Sector T-3 Index


  1. I'm very interested in what you'll come up with - your worlds always impress and I'm sure you can work wonders even with a corner of one. And we're close by each other of course, so who knows what's been crossing over, and what strange interactions have taken place?

  2. Hi Porky,
    This Strange New World/Kepler 22-B project is quite fun. It makes a nice counter-point to our work on the Lithus Sector. We're still adjusting a few things behind the scenes, but the plan was to make these two series a sort of 'Ace Double' approach, with the Lithus posts going up on Tuesdays...we might move our Sector T-3 series over to Saturdays...


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