Monday, September 24, 2012

10 Short Adventures for Mutant Future PDF (2011 OSR Challenge)

Last year, Matt over at the Asshat Paladins blog hosted the 2011 OSR September of Short Adventures Challenge which featured the efforts of over 20 bloggers and generated over 300 adventures.

We did three sets of adventures, ten for Mutant Future, ten for Labyrinth Lord, and ten for Swords & Wizardry (White Box).

It was both a challenge and a lot of fun developing a set of short scenarios using Matt's minimalist 'Get Ready, Get Set, Go!' format.

Revisiting these adventures really brought home how good an idea Matt had in using a hyper-compressed format. It really forced us to focus on things with a sense of immediacy that often gets lost in longer, more convoluted scenarios. There is something magic about this sort of format, and we're in the process of coming up with our own alternative approach that we'll be unveiling shortly. In the meantime, the first Ten Short Adventures (for Mutant Future) that we did as part of the 2011 OSR Challenge have now been revised and compiled into a PDF that you can download for free by either clicking on the cover-image below, or use this link to our Free Stuff folder at BOX. We'll also set-up a widget in the right-hand side-bar, but it'll probably slide around the page a bit for the next couple of days until we find a spot we like, and we'll add a link to the Free Stuff folder on the Downloads page as well.

We plan to eventually revise and re-post the two other sets of our 2011 September Short Adventures in another few weeks.


  1. You guys are adding more cool stuff all the time!

  2. Thanks Trey! We want to make it worth your while to drop by the blog and click around a bit. We're cleaning-up our first set of Geomorphs that we did for Netherwerks and will have a brand new Series Two that will follow them, as well as a few one-sheets, one-page-adventures, some maps, more paper minis and some surprises.

  3. It's a great collection and they're a fun and very flexible run of adventures. The format works for me - the orientation and strict division is clean and clever, and one page per adventure all-in is ideal. The intro page is useful too, and generous, and the big '1' is a clear mission statement. I'm looking forward to any round two.

    1. Thanks Porky! We've been experimenting with the lay-out for these pdfs as we've revised and rebuilt them. The second set is a series of ten adventures for Labyrinth Lord. We're in the process of transferring-over the old posts to a word processing document for revision and so forth now.

      We'll try a different lay-out for the next project...


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