Saturday, September 22, 2012

It Came From You Tube

Recently we were contacted by Andy Haynes. He's part of a group of gamers who are now creating some really funny web shorts explaining various aspects of playing Dungeons & Dragons. Now we're big fans of Bill Cavalier and his Dungeon Bastard series at You Tube, so we were curious about what Andy's group might be doing. The first video we watched was one called 'Attacks of Opportunity and You.' It made both of us laugh quite a bit. Yes, it's about D&D 3.5 mechanics, but it's still really funny and very well done. The group behind this, an up-and-coming outfit named Penfound Productions, have also uploaded a short & silly bit on Alignment, and they have also done an 'Episode 0," as a tentative pilot for a possible series called Rolling High. The Zero Episode looks at Character Creation. It manages to skewer a few sacred cows pretty well...

Here's the Attacks of Opportunity and You video...

We wish Andy and his friends all the best and look forward to their next webisode!
And yes, you might recognize the lead character above from A Light in the Darkness.
Small world, huh?

Maybe the Rolling High Team will do a web short dealing with some Old School faves such as Homebrew Rules, Saving Throws, or would also be fun to have these folks take a look at the Dungeoncrawl Classics RPG...whatever they do, it'll probably be funny, so we'll be watching.

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