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Spells (An Index)

"I have always been amazed at the way an ordinary observer lends so much more credence and attaches so much more importance to waking events than to those occurring in above all the plaything of his memory."

Spells are a very special part of most Role-Playing Games. They are preferred tools, special weapons and cool powers utilized by sorcerers, wizards and other spell-casters. They are also very personalized expressions of language, thought, imagination and power. As each generation of spell-crafters perfect their art and experts develop new forms, refined variations and enhanced models, the variety and specificity of specialized and customized spells continues to grow. Over time a number of easily-available and well-known spells have formed the core and foundation of most student's spell repertoires...but always, there are those who tinker, hack and cobble together new spells from bits and pieces of the older, more established forms. So the body of available, known and trade-able spells continues to grow over time.

Here is a selection of some less well-known spells that might prove of interest. We have opted to use the rather simple format employed by Labyrinth Lord for most of these spells, as that approach lends itself to easy modification or adaptation to other systems.

Aethyric Agitation
Animate Necrotic Tissue
Animate Unliving Servitor
Appreciation of True Weirdness
Arcane Adumbration
Assault of Chaos (Displacement Effects Table)
Auric Sheath
Bawd-Breath of Tsthathogguri-Malamala
Become Subject
Black Snag
Black Touch
Bloody Bones
Breathless and Unexplainable Dread
Cerebral Conception
Charnel Breath
Chartreuse Chasm (Greater & Lesser)
Clanking Chains
Cloud of Tasty Flies
Contraventory Injuction
Crow Claws
Crystallize Skull
Curdle Blood
Daemonical Cyst
Dalrin's Lesser Call (Corrected Transcription) [Includes Table: Ten Wicked Little Things]
Dalrin's Lesser Call (Uncorrected Transcription) [Includes Table: Ten Wicked Little Things]
Dark Immersion
Descent Unto the Hollow World
Dirt To Meat
Dispel Ectoplasm
Dissolve (Internal)
Dorind's Demulcent Yellow Hand
Draw Cut
Duplicate Weapon
Ectoplasmic Wall
Egregious Effusion
Elliptical Confoundity
Encrusted Filthiness (Lesser Nosferatus)
Enfold Object
Evocation of Unknown Forces   (Effects of Unknown Forces Table)
Forestall Collapse
Gestural Globs
Gloomlight (Glyph of Gloom)
Graft Flesh
Hold Shadow
Humble Murmurings
Idiot Gibbering (Lesser Nosferatus)
Idrivon's Fumigatory Vengance
Internalize Shadow
Interrogate the Bones
Jiggly Scribbles
Kazwen's Reflections
Lesser Receptivity
Listen to the Walls
Literary Incandescence
Malign and Particular Suspension of Natural Law
Malign Thought Emanations
Mark of the Ungezeifer (Lesser Nosferatus)
Molten Iron Mass
Muddle Path
Oneiric Bubble
Opening the Way
Pale Shelter  (Serpentine Priestesses of Judrang)
Part Shadow (Serpentine Priestesses of Judrang)
Processions of the Damned
Protection from Aethyrial Intrusion
Protection from Shadows (Serpentine Priestesses of Judrang)
Pruscoorm's Palpitation
Rat's Teeth (Lesser Nosferatus)
Ratification (Lesser Nosferatus)
Reaffirm Fixed Laws
Safeguard Against Outermost Forces
Secret Murder
Serious Portentiousness
Sheeted Form
Sidgwick's Scabrous Servitor
Soft White Radiance of Judrang (Serpentine Priestesses of Judrang)
Speak With Dead (Variant)
Splinter Arrow
Squiggling Suppurating Sores of Salamak
Strange Big Stone
Tap Ley-Line
Terrible Conception
Thought Wall
Transfer Vitality
Transmute Liquor
Triple Shadow
Umbral Maiming
Unfix Boundaries
Unnatural Acromegally
Vile Residue (Lesser Nosferatus)
Vistas of Unplumbed Space
Voorish Sign
White Blades (Serpentine Priestesses of Judrang)
Wrathful Facade
Xongir's Fingerling
Zone of Normality
Zymurgic Disgestion

Rituals & Rites
Triple Circle

More Spells for Sci-Fi Space Fantasy gaming using OD&D/Swords & Wizardry
[Compiled into the Space-Age Sorcery pdf]

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