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Serpentine Priestesses of Judrang

Serpentine Priestess of Judrang
(They of the Iron Masks, Watchers of the Forest of White Roses)
No. Enc.: 1 (2d4)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 8
Attacks: 2 (Weapon or spell)
Damage: 1d8/by spell
Save: F6
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: XVII
XP: 1,800+
Sleek, smooth and sibillant, the Serpentine Priestesses of Judrang are the transmogrified once-human priestesses of an obscure goddess known alternately as the Iron-Faced Hag or the White-Petal Maiden. There are fewer than 1,000 priestesses, nearly all of whom dwell within the glimmering quartz-rich core of a hollow moon. They have been locked in a bitter struggle against the High Queen of the Lamias and the depraved, fanatical cultists who serve Her mad schemes of becoming a deity.

All Serpentine Priestesses can cast the following spells:
Bless/Curse, CommuneCure DiseaseCure Light WoundsDispel MagicLightProtection from Evil, and Remove Curse/Bestow Curse, as well as 1d4 random spells (but never Darkness or anything phantasm-related).

3 New Items

Ivory Scimitar of Judrang
Formed all in one piece by the gentle extraction of the ritually-liquified bones and fangs of giant, intelligent sacred serpents that cast no shadows, these scimitars are +2 weapons with the personalities and INT of their former selves still intact. The scimitar can dispel shadow or darkness instead of one attack. It also does X2 damage against anything directly tied to darkness, shadow or similar powers.

Iron Mask of Judang
A smooth and highly polished +2 helm fashioned from meteoric-iron that enables the caster to cast Anti-Magic Shell twice a day. Any non-initiate of the goddess who dons the helm must make a Save or experience a limited form of Contact Other Plane that will allow them to ask up to three questions of the goddess Herself. This can be either very good or very, very bad, depending how the PCs handle the situation. The helm is part of a perpetual group-version of the clairvoyance spell shared among the various Priestesses of Judrang, so donning it will automatically alert them of the desecration and allow them to track the defiler, and they will all hear the three questions and the goddesses' responses.

White Rose of Judrang
Translucent ivory petaled-flowers with a rich, heady scent that seems just on the verge of becoming almost musky. Each rose that is harvested by the Priestesses of Judrang can be used to remove a curse simply by touching the afflicted, or they can be reduced down to a healing elixir (Cure Critical Wounds), or converted into an incense that will dispel magic in a 20' radius. But only the priestesses know how to accomplish these things, anyone else plucking a rose and trying to use it will get very different results as a defiled rose will inflict 1d6+2 hit points of damage and have a base 5% chance to cause a Curse or Quest to befall the defiler, depending on the will of the goddess.

5 New Spells

Soft White Radiance of Judrang
Level: 3
Duration: 1 Turn per level
Range: 5' per level
Fills a 30' radius with a diffuse, pearly glow that causes 1d4 damage per turn to all undead, shadows, and similar creatures while allowing anyone within its area of effect suffering from any form of magical blindness (be it from a curse, a spell or weapon effect) to re-roll their save, and if they make it, they have their sight restored.

Protection from Shadows
Level: 2
Duration: 12 turns
Range: Touch

This spell creates a pearly boundary of softly glimmering light that wards off all shadows and shadow-connected creatures irregardless of alignment. Subject gains a +1 bonus to AC and all Saves, missile attacks from outside can still penetrate the sphere, but lose any poison/toxin effects once they cross the boundary.

Pale Shelter
Level: 2
Duration: 4 turns
Range: Touch
for the duration of this spell, the caster and those chosen them are obscured from all others by a luminous spiralling structure resembling some sort of alien sea-shell made up entirely of soft light. Those within the Pale Shelter can re-roll any Saves that they missed in the last 4 turns and regain 1d4 hit points each.

White Blades
Level: 4
Duration: 1d4 rounds /level
Range 20'
A shimmering curtain of swirling, whirling ivory scimitars blocks the way, inflicting 4d6 damage to anyone coming into contact with it, doing X2 damage to all shadow-things.

Part Shadow
Level: 4
Duration: 1 Turn per level
Range: 5' per level of caster
This spell inflicts 1d4/per level damage on all shadow-creatures while sundering all Darkness spells into two half-powered regions of shadow with half the normal duration (Continual Darkness is now treated as simply Darkness...).

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  1. "Sleek, smooth and sibillant.."

    Just what a serpent dame oughta be. ;)

    Nice write-up! It's like a whole adventure unto itself: monster, spells, magic items.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Trey. Glad you liked it. Part 2 will give more details on the Moonlet, Deity, and some yeah, this definitely leads into an interplanetary adventure...


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