Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Low-End Loot, Table V

Low-End Loot: Table V (D30)

  1. One slightly crushed silver snuff box, missing the lid.
  2. Bundle of 22 bungs. The cord they've been bound with is frayed and about to give way.
  3. Saddle blanket.
  4. Four small animal traps on a single rusty chain. The third one doesn't work quite right.
  5. One box of 3 dozen candles. They've all melted into one dense brick, but with some patience each candle can be chipped out of the waxy block in 1d4 minutes.
  6. 122 feet of stout cordage wrapped willy-nilly around a rough stick.
  7. Simple lead plumb bob or plummet in a velvet draw-string bag.
  8. Lodestone, snapped in half.
  9. Cobbler's needle-punch. Can be used as a weapon inflicting 1d2 damage.
  10. 2d4 assorted files in a leather sack. The ones that aren't chipped or cracked are rusty.
  11. Three heavy pig-iron wedges used in splitting stumps, etc.
  12. A draw-knife that has a wobbly handle.
  13. Bronze tripod meant to support a ceremonial incense brazier.
  14. 1 seriously nicked-up Peavey-hook.
  15. Heavy wooden cutting board removed from a near-by tavern.
  16. 32 feet of thin cord rolled-up in a sack of powdered chalk.
  17. One heavy, left-handed glove crafted from extra-thick leather, scorched along the edges and pitted across backside.
  18. Wooden bucket. Expertly repaired bottom. No handle.
  19. 20 pounds of rendered fat in a covered pail.
  20. Small wooden box containing 43 horse-shoe nails.
  21. Poorly repaired war hammer, used as a meat-tenderizer.
  22. Rug-beater.
  23. 12 pounds of borax packed into a small barrel.
  24. 43 grooved lead runners carefully stored in a flat, wide wooden box with a side compartment for various tools used in repairing stained glass.
  25. A single 104-pound block of rock salt.
  26. 6 pounds of vivid blue limojes-style vitreous enamel in a sealed wooden canister.
  27. 1d4 chisels. No hammer.
  28. 3 bottles of clear fluid. One is denatured alcohol. The second is distilled water. The third is Prussic acid.
  29. A dwarf or child-sized auger.
  30. 3 pair of mis-matched metal-working tongs.


  1. Once again, something I can and will use in my game. Thanks!

  2. @John Till: Thanks! Those little details can spark entire side-treks and adventures in their own right. Like when the cook from a certain local tavern starts chasing after one of the player characters who happens to be carrying around the cook's favorite, family heirloom cutting board...

    @Michael Moscrip: Cool--we'd love to hear from folks who've used our stuff in their games. We're compiling the Low-End Loot series into a stand-alone PDF so those tables can be used with Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry, Dungeon Crawl Classics, or just about any RPG out long as you are okay with random tables.


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