Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Humanspace Empires: A Brief Intro

Humanspace Empires is a pulp science fantasy role-playing game set in the distant future. The action takes place in the space opera "pre-history" of Prof. M.A.R. Barker's classic fantasy world of Tekumel. The rules are a fresh and engaging blend of the original fantasy role playing system and Empire of the Petal Throne that presents a unique blend of Sword & Planet, Space Opera and Planetary Romance.

From the Play-Test Draft Intro:
"The year 62011 AD is the 6082nd year of the Great Humanspace Empire and the 844th year of the Dynasty of the Veritable Autocrator. Mankind and its alien allies have reached a state of unprecedented technological advancement. Starships cross vast distances in days by travelling between dimensions, trade routes thread space like capillaries in living tissue, computers, androids and robots are built with advanced positronic brains, molecular machines reshape matter and interplanar power is tapped to transform worlds and even stars."

"This setting is like a combo of Star Wars, Star Trek, & Dune on acid mixed with influences of old fashioned pulp in a blender with the setting on high mix! Got that! Its that good & this is only the playtest version!"

The Play-Test Draft version of the Humanspace Empires RPG rules are available at The Drune's blog and can be accessed by clicking HERE.

These rules are very much a Work-in-Progress and will no doubt go through a serious bit of revision as people put them through their paces and their feedback gets incorporated into the process.

There is an excellent review of the Humanspace Empires RPG at Porky's Expanse: Part 1, Part 2.

Humanspace Empires Resources:

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