Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fight On: Issue 12

Issue 12, spring/Summer 2011
Mutants! Androids! Robots! Pure Strain Humans!
Fight On! is back, with another 88 pages of gut-wrenching, laser-pulsing, fist-pounding action! Rules variants, tables, adventures large and small, science fiction and fantasy, races, classes, monsters, spells, magic items, NPCs, history, opinion, and lore can be found herein!
Featuring art and articles by Mark Allen, Ian Baggley, Lee Barber, Erin "Taichara" Bisson, Daniel Boggs, David Bowman, Simon Bull, David Coleman, Fat Cotton, Michael Curtis, Liz Danforth, Ndege Diamond, Ron Edwards, Kelvin Green, Tim Kask, John Larrey, John Laviolette, Lester, Gabor Lux, Heron Prior, Jeff Rients, Chris Robert, Zak S., Alex Schroeder, Jason Sholtis, Tim "Sniderman" Snider, Jennifer Weigel, and this issue's dedicatee James M. Ward, alongside many others!
Available in Softcover or PDF format via Lulu.

We have artwork on pages 18 & 42 (Credited as Netherwerks).
  • The Space-Dude Facing-Off Against Some Unseen Monster will be re-appearing in an upcoming Rogue Space post.
  • The 'Minor Demon' from page 42 is now available for Labyrinth Lord as a Grobblybonk.

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