Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I found my old copies of Weirdbook while digging around for some other stuff. It was fun to see that all but forgotten old stuff again. I re-read Adrian Cole's Voidal tale Thief of Thieves all over again. I much prefer the original version from Weirdbook than the revised version that appears in the second Voidal collection put out via Wildside Press. There is something cleaner about the older version, something special that I really enjoyed the first time I read it, and again now that I've re-read it. It's a very enjoyable story, with intriguing characters and some great locales like Intercelestis (a rotting hollowed-out moon used as a sanctuary away from the prying eyes of the gods).

One of my favorite things from this story is the Glider Orchid; a vaguely animal-like aerial form of orchid that is used as a living ship that can traverse the astral plane to reach just about anywhere.


  1. heh - we have those orchids at home - I'll have to keep a closer eye on them...


  2. Never heard of Weirdbook or Adrian Cole or The Voidal... so... serendipitous findings, hooray! I ran right over to Ebay and bought the issue in question.

    1. I really, really liked Weirdbook a lot. W. Paul Ganley bought a few of my illustrations back in the Seventies while I was still a kid. I did a retrospective sort of thing for Weirdbook a while back on my writing blog.


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