Friday, August 1, 2014

Bujilli: Series Four Index

A Quick Introduction to Series Four
Bujilli and Leeja finally having gotten some rest, leave Idvard's Keep and go running through the rain to visit Schroedinger & Cave's shop. They receive grudging payment for returning stolen property and over hear something that they probably weren't supposed to on the way out. They go find a place to wait out the rain and Bujilli starts putting the pieces together. Bujilli's introspection is interrupted by more shooting and a gang of Feral Children. Leeja gets bitten. Bujilli carries her back to the Academy, with a little help from Hedrard. Then they are thrust into a decommissioned underground Arena for Leeja's Entrance Exam. They confront an angry spirit from the bad old days. Then in the midst of everything Bujilli is summoned away from Wermspittle to confront a few lingering loose ends from his own past. He is ambushed by Yeren, tested by a demoness, betrayed by his uncle, avenged by his mother's spirit and he finally meets his father...sort of...

Quick Index to Series Four (Episodes 50-68)

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  1. It's been a pleasure to follow and it's getting even better. It's such a funky format - for the regular readers maybe a kind of gamebook that's always open, there in the background. Well done on reaching 100 episodes by the way. The journey the 100th describes is a fitting arc back to the first.

    1. Thanks. I never thought that we'd make it to 100 episodes when I first started this thing over at the other blog. This project has metamorphosed quite a bit since it first got going and there are some more big changes on the way as I complete work on the eBook compilations for the first five series. I'm also writing some adventures from back in the early days of Bujilli's career.

      Bujilli has been an experiment from the beginning. I've learned a lot from doing this series, and it has been very good for helping me to flesh out Wermspittle and a few other things, like Tsan Yian, Kallkendru, and so on. But it is a different sort of format and structure than what most readers are expecting. I like the game-book analogy, it's also a lot like the old play-by-mail games in that once a new episode is posted, readers can then weigh-in with their comments, suggestions, observations, etc.

      I've experimented with polls and other things in the past, in an effort to help make it easier for people to interact with the serial, with mixed results. I may try out using polls again, when it would fit with a particular episode.

      I'm a bit miffed with the way comments are such a hassle in that you're required to have an account or be logged into Google in order to be allowed to comment. That sort of restrictiveness discourages feedback and interaction more than it prevents spam, which we all get even with the restrictions. Installing a third party comment system usually requires readers to then register or get an account with that service...which defeats the purpose by placing one more restriction in front of the reader who might otherwise have made a comment. I dislike placing hoops in the way for non-bloggers to jump through before they can participate or comment, so I'm looking for some sort of alternative...

  2. A really impressive run so far. It's hard for people to keep up week to week, I'm sure, but I know its been enjoyed beyond the regular commentors.

    1. Thanks Trey. I appreciate whatever amount of time people care to spend on my stuff. There are a ton of distractions all around us, so taking a few minutes out from the week to see what kind of mischief or trouble Bujilli has gotten into lately is something that I do not take for granted. Thank you to all the readers, as well as all the commenters.

      Once the eBook compilations are done and out there, I have some plans that I hope will make Bujilli more accessible and playable than ever before...


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