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Bujilli: Start Here

“Basically, a [half-breed] yeti-like creature [an Almas] called Bujilli wants to escape his uncle and make his own way in the world, a very strange world. He's found a gem that tells him things and it's sent him to a ruined palace, a weird take on the classic dungeon. The whole thing is a kind of online role-playing by blog. The readers control Bujilli by suggesting actions through the comments and using the dice roller widget in the sidebar to generate numbers.”
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Bujilli's blog-your-own-adventures have spanned two blogs, Six Series, 100 Episodes and have inspired several short stories. Each of the Series are being compiled into eBooks that will include some brand new materials created expressly for the compilations. We're also at work on a couple of other Bujilli-related projects that we'll discuss in more detail once all the little details are worked out.

If you are new to Bujilli and are at all curious about what this is, how it works or where to get started, you are in the right place.

Finding your way around the blog...
You can always find the most current episode by checking the Central Index, looking at the handy navigation box located along the right-hand side-bar of the blog, or by looking for the most recent Episode entry in the Blog Archive widget. Every Episode has a Previous and Next link right before the footer--that purple box of handy navigation links placed at the bottom of each episode and most other Bujilli posts.

There are Indexes for each Series, as well as Episode Guides (some of which are still getting written), and a few other special resources to help you navigate your way through Bujilli's ongoing adventures, most of which can be found in the handy purple link boxes in the right-hand side-bar, or in the footer of most Bujilli-related pots. Just like how you would find the most current episode, you can hopefully find any other episode or other resource, page, post or whatever else we've made available quickly and easily.

Jumping in...
Feel free to jump right in on the most current episode. I try to respond to reader's comments during the week, though sometimes I have to wait until Thursday if I'm super busy, but I do my best to respond as soon as possible in order to give readers a chance to ask questions in order to make their choices, give people a bit of room to change their minds or to modify their suggestions, or whatever. It's a game as much as any sort of writing experiment and you, as the reader, really do get to decide what happens next. New readers and commenters are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

You're welcome to read the older episodes, by all means, but once the next episode goes live, there's no way to go back and revise things based on those after-the-fact comments. If you want to actively participate, comment on the current episode. If you are curious about how we got to where we are now, then check out the older episodes. We've done what we could to make them things as accessible and navigable as possible, but if you have a suggestion for how we can improve things, let us know!

We're also collecting the older episodes from each series into books/eBooks, so that will hopefully make it easier to get caught-up with Bujilli and his friends...

What am I getting into?
Bujilli began as an experiment in writing a 'Blog-Your-Own-Adventure,' essentially a variation on the Choose your Own Adventure game-books, but done on a blog and allowing the readers to decide what direction the protagonist goes, or what they do next whenever there are choices to be made by responding in the comments or sending us an email. Each episode is written live each Thursday based on the reader feedback. There is no preparation beyond re-reading the previous episodes and responding to the readers.

We've posted a bit more about What This Is, as well as a post on How To Play Along that both go into a bit more detail. As we get asked more questions, we'll assemble a FAQ as well, so by all means feel free to ask us some Bujilli-related questions!

We have posted a brief explanation concerning Who Is Bujilli?, and we've posted Bujilli's Character Sheet, his partner Leeja's Character Sheet, their Loot Tally, a post detailing the House Rules we operate under, and we're in the process of detailing those infamous Little Brown Journals and some of the more idiosyncratic aspects of spell-casting as Bujilli has learned it during his tenure as an apprentice to his Uncle and along his travels before arriving in Wermspittle and beyond.

Soon there will be a compilation of Series One including some bonus content exclusive to that book/eBook, so you can read the entire series in one place, without having to scroll through the old episodes, unless you want to, of course. The plan is to put together a compilation for each of the series.

We're also working on a few other Bujilli-related projects, so check in at the blog here to keep tabs on our progress.

“There. Just past the lichen-crusted boulders carved into squat, unfriendly-looking faces was the entrance to what remained of Zormur's Palace. Once, long ago this was a place of great pomp and circumstance. Nearly a third of the world bowed to the great Zormur. His black dirigibles had carried his fanatical troops across the vast deserts and the Sea of Ebon Tears to wage war upon the kingdoms of the exotic and vaguely mythical Far West. But those things didn't matter. Not right now. The ruins above could wait for eternity until he gave a damn about them. What he wanted, what he needed, what he was after was down below. In the dark, cold places beneath the huge ruined pile that once was a mighty aerial-warlord's palace. There were no dirigibles loaded with bombs left in this place any more. But there were sting-beetles and centipedes, and the winged folk often came here to hunt what game wandered into the place. And if they caught him he'd die horribly, most likely by being nailed to a tree while their womenfolk gnawed his guts. He shuddered. The winged folk were to be avoided at all costs."

Series Indexes
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Starting Page  |  Central Index

About Bujilli (What is This?) | Who is Bujilli? | How to Play

Bujilli's Spells | Little Brown Journals | Loot Tally | House Rules

Episode Guides
Series One (Episodes 1-19)
Series Two (Episode 20-36)
Series Three (Episodes 37-49)
Series Four (Episodes 50-68)
Series Five (Episodes 69-99)
Series Six(Episodes 100-ongoing)

Labyrinth Lord   |   Advanced Edition Companion

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