Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Work-in-Progress: T'zugri

My hands feel good today, so I'm getting things done for a change, which makes me very happy.
The piece above is still getting touched-up a bit, but it gives you a fair idea of what this strange little thing is going to look like when it goes out in the next little bit. T'zugri is a smaller-scale setting like what Jack has been telling me to do, so well, I'm doing it. Finally.

I'm also working on a pdf for the Trinkets & Trash entries from Wermspittle (with some fresh new entries to make it worth the while) and the first Little Brown Journal is nearing completion as well, again that will include some fresh, new content and not just be some stuff scraped off of the blog. It is nice to be making some progress again...


  1. It's good to read. The image makes me think your approaches to the visual aspects are often a fantastic blend, and even of the nominally analogue and digital, with so much rich and suggestive texture, even in those images where texture might seem secondary. There's a corresponding scope to the written material, and even layouts. It clearly keeps us coming back, and I'd bet for a lot of us hanging on for more.

    1. Thanks. I'm happy to be back at it. During my down-time I spent some quality-time revisiting the work of some of my inspirations like Goya, Steranko, Redon, Kirby, and others. Really revitalized the enthusiasm and desire to experiment...

  2. Always great to see setting stuff from your ever-fertile imagination.


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