Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Meanwhile (1)

Larshin breathed in deeply. It was colder than he had counted upon, but it had worked. He stood up for the first time in over a decade. His legs responded powerfully, like they used to before that hateful day in Jerdun when he had lost too much to contemplate. He could walk again. The crystal in his hand tinkled into a fine dust of sparkly shards. Its task was done. There was no going back now. The smirking yeti-girl handed him a rough felt robe with elaborate bead work at the chest and shoulders. He tried to thank her but she made the gesture for silence so he kept his peace. There would be plenty of time later to thank her for helping him make the transition to her world. It felt good to be whole again, to feel the blood rushing through all of his functional and intact limbs. He felt giddy, like a young schoolboy on the first day of holiday. He noticed his host, his guide, the yeti-girl motioning for him to follow her out of the cave into the sunlight and fresh air. He never felt the noose as it dropped over his head from above the cave mouth as the Yeren yanked him off his feet...

Don't forget that Bujilli is currently in a dark place and we could use your help to determine all sorts of things, including just what might be prowling around for him and Leeja to encounter...

Episode 137 (Rapunzel Overdrive)
Random Encounter Table: In A Dark Place


  1. I've just left a few thoughts at the last episode. The scope for meanwhiles in this story is immense, and every one is a window on some wider space. This really is a rich setting, if that's the right word for something so diverse and expansive.

    1. thanks--I'm having fun with the Meanwhile-bits and thought it might be a good thing to test-out posting a 'Meanwhile' piece of flash fiction on Tuesday to remind readers about the impending die-rolls and what-not for Bujilli as we approach Thursday. It also gives me a way to better show off some of the by-ways and paths not taken in the main serial or the spin-off that I'm building...


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