Friday, June 13, 2014

Suspense & Decision Magazine, Issue 7

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Suspense & Decision Magazine
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Ever since seeing the ads for those Play By Mail games in Dragon and other magazines, I've always been curious how they worked, what they were like, who did that sort of thing. I always meant to try it out sometime, but never got a chance. The notion has been sitting there in the back of my skull for years and years. Never quite forgotten.

A few months ago I began to research Play By Mail (PBM) games as a possible option to consider for one of the projects we've been developing. The whole Play By Mail thing seemed like a good fit or at least a parallel development to the Choose-Your-Path sort of thing we were already looking at. It was in the course of looking into the esoteric world of PBM that I stumbled into the Play By Mail website, and learned about Suspense & Decision magazine. Later on I learned about Callisto, a new-fangled and updated PBM-type game that really, really sounds cool. So, yeah, I'm looking at the whole PBM approach to gaming a little more seriously now. Once I get back on track, and if my health stays good, I'm considering setting up some sort of Callisto game down the road...but I'm more interested in trying my luck as a player first.


  1. I'm a bad gamer. I've never heard of these. Thanks, looking forward to checking them out.


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