Saturday, June 21, 2014

Have A Free Mini-Adventure from Hereticwerks

The expurgated version of our free PDF is available via the Free Downloads widget in the right-hand sidebar or from THIS LINK.

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Have a free PDF of the first level of Clatterdelve from Hereticwerks.

Inside you will find some new monsters, new spells, new magic items, and almost everything you need to make a first foray into Clatterdelve. You'll still need to bring your imagination, dice and some players to the table, but we did the heavy lifting for you.

We assembled this thing in under 16 hours as a personal challenge...if you spot any typos or glaring omissions, let us know and we'll update the thing.

Have fun and Game On!
Jody & Jim / Hereticwerks


  1. Excellent! Thank you.

  2. Hey there. Thanks for supporting Free RPG Day in your own creative way. It's great to see so much support. I'm sorry to ask though, but can you please remove the Free RPG Day logo from the PDF? The logo is reserved for participating retailers and official participating publishers. We just need to cover our bases since the official publishers spend a lot of money printing the giveaways with our logo on it.

    Thanks much,
    Aldo Ghiozzi
    Organizers of Free RPG Day

  3. Really enjoyed this. I am looking toward translating some of your beasties, particularly the Ymid into GURPS Dungeon Fantasy on my blog, if that's ok with you; I will be linking back to you.

    1. This is a conversation that really ought to take place outside the comments. If your adaptation of the Ymid is posted using the CC: Attribtuion-NonCommercial-Share-Alike license, then we're fine with that, as long as you realize that all our artwork is Copyrighted and if you intend to do more than just one critter we really should discuss things before you proceed so we can make this work for both of us and avoid any potential pitfalls.

  4. This was a really enjoyable piece of old school wierdness. I particularly liked the Ymid, and would like to translate them into GURPS Dungeon Fantasy on my blog, if that's ok with you. I will link to you in the blog entry.

    1. Just sent you a quick note via G+. By all means, let's discuss this opportunity and see what might be the best way to move forward for us all.


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