Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Six-Sentence Scenarios: Back-Alleys of Wermspittle

Everything you need to kick off an adventure in six sentences.
No stats. No particular System. No guru, no method, no teacher, no hassle.
Just the raw six-sentence skeleton for you to hang whatever flesh upon it you like.

This time we're taking a look at the Back-alleys of Wermspittle.
Future installments can and will take place just about anywhere...

Six-Sentence Scenarios for the Back-Alleys of Wermspittle

  1. Enroute to the Low Marshes on an errand of mercy for a fellow Refugee, you take shelter in a burned-out shop. You've been warned. You know enough to come in from out of the rain. Like the Leech-monger huddled in the corner. You were sent after green-leeches, to drain-off the fever that is killing your friend. Should you wake the parasite-vendor?
  2. You've discovered an old coin while scrounging through the ruins of a collapsed building. The way the coin glimmers and ripples oddly, you just know it has to be magic of some sort. Best of all you're fairly certain that it is not a Dread Penny. The old man at Schroedinger & Cave's tells you that it is a Spaug coin. He offers you a stack of musty old bank notes for it. You are tempted, but this coin could be your escape from Wermspittle, after all; Winter is coming.
  3. The Oneirist was dead when you got there. Someone had caved-in their head. Massively. Wait--did you hear that? Something is moving over there, behind the rubbish heap. It's a Jaladari, a trinket-peddler, and it is bleeding, but it's still alive.
  4. An unlucky Toader dangles from a tangled length of knotted rope. They still desperately clutch a large (wax-sealed) glass jar within which floats a pickled Vilg. The Toader sways back and forth, back and forth as it tries to extricate itself from the ropes. It is growing increasingly anxious. It clearly is fearful of whomever...or whatever...might be pursuing it. Would you care to lend a hand?
  5. Gore-Worm sausages may be an acquired taste. Whether you get them by raiding a stall or roughing-up some kid making a delivery, most folks around here don't much care. Just as long as you acquire the sausages. You've been picked. Again. You're to go get some sausages from those Refugees and you best be quick about it.
  6. A lucky find today! A student from the Academy. They're in a bad way, some illicit or forged spell they were studying back-fired on them, but they're still marketable. All you have to decide is where you want to take them. The Butchers never pay well, but ask no questions. You might make more of a profit by going to some sorcerer, perhaps someone like that Idvard...


  1. These are great!

    "Gore worm sausages may be a acquired taste." Indeed.

  2. Great for sure, and more insight into the way the back-alleys work. No. 2 I like especially for how wide it could go fast, and no. 4 for the setting details and the sense of the moment.


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