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Monthly Recap: November 2012

Thanksgiving has come and gone and life goes on. Below is a summary of what we posted for the month of November. We made a total of 55 posts, launching our ongoing foray into Friday Flash Fiction, joining in the Art Every Day Month Challenge, and of course, continuing our exploration of Lithus Sector every Tuesday and the ongoing adventures of Bujilli every Thursday. It was a busy month, but a very good one.

A New Random Table
What Was That Message?

A New Worldboat Post

Wermspittle Squirms a Bit

Gus L. from Dungeon of Signs recently said:
"Wernspittle really is one of the great blog based settings."

James M. from Grognardia said:
"The walled village of Wermspittle is surrounded by garbage-infested shantytowns and its labyrinthine sewers are filled with all manner of unwholesomeness. Plagues and warfare are abroad and the once-secluded village has seen its population increase, as refugees and fortune seekers make their way here. Wermspittle is a weird urban fantasy campaign -- and we need more of those!"

Wow! Thank you. It is nice to receive some recognition for our efforts, and you both really made us both smile quite a bit.

Fresh and Wriggling Wermspittle Posts

Oneiric Web (soon to be drastically revised...)
Strange Places: Low Marshes
The Night Mail in Wermspittle
Dread Penny

We are at-work on the Wermspittle Index, Player's Guide and a few more things along those lines (including, perhaps a certain illicit Grimoire...), so make sure your werm-pliers are handy in the weeks ahead.

Three Brand New
Short Stories for
Flash Fiction Fridays:

Better Than Worms

We participated in the Art Every Day Month Challenge, posting a new piece of fresh artwork most every day for the month of November. We did miss a few days, due to scheduling conflicts, but there will be a summary/round-up post that will cover those sorts of things later this week.

We titled this series 'The Late Show.' Each piece was done at the end of the normal business day and was intended to get posted in one minute increments leading up to midnight. Silly, arbitrary, but it made things fun and for the most part it worked. The pieces that missed their deadlines will be gathered together in the summary post.

1129  1130  1131  1132  1133  1134  1135  1136  1137  1138  1139 1140  1141  1142  1143  1144  1145  1146  1147  1148  1149  1150  1151  1152  1153  1154  1155

New Monsters and a New Index

We compiled a brand new Alphabetical Index to all of the monsters featured at our blog. A few new ones have yet to be added, but we'll aim to keep this updated on a monthly basis. You can find the new Index HERE.
The Maelstrom continued as an ongoing Community Table at Porky's Expanse.

And last, but not least, another one of our Weird Creatures is now available as a poster.

Bujilli Posts
Episode 49
Episode 50
Episode 51
Episode 52
Episode 53

We now have 3 Quick Indexes for Bujilli:
Quick Index to Bujilli Series One (Episodes 1-19)
Quick Index to Series Two (Episodes 20-37)
Quick Index to Series Three (Episodes 37-49)

Quick Index Four is in-the-works, as are the Episode Guides, Series Summaries and a comprehensive Starting Page and Index for Bujilli.

We also now have a handy Loot & Booty Tally to help keep track of all the trinkets and treasures Bujilli and Leeja collect along their travels.

We're contemplating doing a Monthly Synopsis for Bujilli. What do you readers think?

Lithus Sector Posts
We continued our in-depth exploration of the Telajan System.

Telajan-A: Aldrin
Telajan-B: Mattigar
Telajan-C: Shelg
Telajan-D: Ju Hai

Lithus Sector will continue into the New Year with a new installment every Tuesday.

Geomorphs Return
We are in the process of re-posting our first series of geomorphs in order to get ready for the new Series Two coming in 2013.

Geomorphs Series1/Set1
Geomorphs Series1/Set2

Last Month's Recap

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  1. It really was busy, and across a very wide spectrum. You guys are on fire.


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