Monday, December 3, 2012

Nightland 1

This is for Pinlighter. I'm still working-out which set of dimensions I like best in going forward with the Series. Starting in January I'll post an update/Work-in-Progress or a link to a finished poster from this series about once a month. Maybe more often. Depending on work schedule and progress.


  1. I think I'd be going downward of that hill too... I like the disorienting sense of depth, scale and opacity, and that cloying fragmentation. It suggests a very subjective experience or great warping power.

    1. Hodgson's creatures, especially the horrible things that go bump in The Nightland are intensely antithetical, inhuman, implacable forces that are deliberately engaged in a war to utterly expunge all traces of humanity from the world. They massively outnumber the remnant forces of humanity and are well along in the process of winning the final battle through attrition alone. It's quite bleak. But there may be some small glimmer of hope...

  2. Cheers mate. Porky's comment speaks for me too,


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