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Leeja: Character Sheet

Leeja was first introduced in Episode 27.
"My father was a great Lord among the Pallid, before he was driven out of the Garden by his ancestral enemies. My mother was born among the lowfolk who dwell in the deep places below Aman Utal, but she was out-caste, the child of an unsanctioned union. Thus I was also out-caste. Unsanctioned. Unwelcome."
Leeja, Episode 29

Unsanctioned Hybrid (Half-Pallid, with partial Morlock and other, inhuman ancestry...)
Thief Level 4 / Magic-User Level 4
Alignment: Neutral
Hit Points: 48
Armor Class: 8/5 (Partial Leather Armor, low quality / plus DEX bonus)
Languages: Gatruz, Bozik, Morlui

Strength: 15        Mod: +1
Dexterity: 18      Mod: -3 AC, +3 Missiles, +2 Initiative
Constitution: 17  Mod: +2hp/HD
Intelligence: 16   Mod: +2 Additional Languages, Can read and write
Wisdom: 13         Mod: +1 Saving Throw (Magical effects)
Charisma: 14       Mod: -1 Reaction Adjustment, 5 Retainers, Retainer Morale 8

Vigor: 50 (STR+DEX+CON)
Will: 43 (INT+WIS+CHAR)

Saving Throws
Versus Breath Attacks: 9
Versus Poison or Death: 8
Versus Petrify or Paralyze: 4
Versus Wands: 9
Versus Spells or Spell-like Devices: 8
Thief Abilities
Pick Locks: 34%
Find/Remove/Set Traps: 27%
Pick Pockets: 41%
Move Silently: 41%
Climb Walls: 93%
Hide in Shadows: 31%
Hear Noise: 1-3
Backstab: +4 (X2 damage)
Special Abilities
  • Darkvision / Infravision 60' range
  • Gaze can cause re-roll of CHAR Reaction with either a bonus or penalty of +/-8 (twice per day)
  • Retractile Claws (inflict 1d4+1 damage, treat as magic weapons)
  • Motile Hair (Extremely long, manipulable/prehensile tendrils, can be used to strangle, pierce flesh, etc. has a comfortable range of 10', maximum of 12'.)
  • Untrained Empathy/ESP talent
  • Consume Vitality (Every 1 point of CON absorbed from victim restores 1d6 hit points)
Note: Exposure to the Voorish Sign causes Leeja severe pain...but so far why this might be has not been revealed...

Short sword with serrated edge, very likely of ancient morlock manufacture, acquired in Episode 54. (Magical qualities remain undetermined).
Antique Hand-gonne (Four-barrelled pepperbox. Double damage at Short range.)
Crystal Stiletto (+2/X3 damage vs. Umbral/Shadow types)
Hand-Axe (+1 with a base 10% chance to Dispel Magic on a hit. Her hand-axe has a slightly-hooked spike on the back of the head, not the hammer-head like Bujilli's hand-axe.)
Leeja usually carries 1d4 daggers or knives she has taken off of previous opponents...

Vushka acquired a set of Arena-Quality Werm-Leather Armor for Leeja in Episode 97.

General Adventuring Gear
  • Utility Belt (Mostly empty, badly repaired)
  • Travel Pouch
  • Small Silver Mirror in felt slip-case

Special Gear
One Dark Violet BookOne Battered Field Journal, and a copy of last year's edition of the Blue Grimoire were dropped off for Leeja in Episode 97 by Gnosiomandus. She has yet to examine these books.

Leeja has been granted life-time access to Idvard's libraries and archives at his Keep on an Adjacent World. She wears a ring of braided black and yellow metal that is identical to the one that was given to Bujilli by Idvard in Episode 49. She is also owed one new spell as per her contract with Idvard from Episode 41.

Slasher Spawnling
In Episode 38 Leeja and Bujilli interrupted a clutch of little Slasher spawnlings in mid-meal when they came crashing through the roof. One of the tiny Slashers has taken an interest in Leeja, going so far as to perch upon her shoulder and guard her unconscious body, something quite out of character for such a creature. Leeja left the creature in her travel-pouch where it guarded her few possessions until recently when it laid eggs and died, leaving her with a number of slasher eggs.

Leeja's Spells (Labyrinth Lord)
(Spells per day: 2 first level, 2 second level)

First Level: Charm Person, Detect Magic, Read Magic
Second Level: ESP, Phantasmal Force, Web (variant: uses her own hair)

Special Spells
Charnel Breath
Protection From Shadows
Pale Shelter

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