Friday, August 10, 2012

Aeonic Synchropore

A scroll unlike any other, it unrolls into a sheet of brass. Stained with blood and warm to the touch, it shimmers and seems more alive than any bit of hide. A window. Yes. It resembles some sort of window more than anything else, a way to see beyond, to look deeply upon somewhere--no; not 'where'--but rather somewhen else.

According to Dalmutrin's Doxological Exegeticon (but only in the third revision), the Aeonic Synchropore is essentially a divination device akin to a dowser's forked-rod, only it synchronizes itself with the area where it is opened-up and allows the user to observe events as they played out long, long ago in that very spot.

The user is behooved to know and employ the cursive iconoglyphs of classical aeonetics in order to appropriately tune and direct the time-skrying capabilities of this marvelous device.

It is all but indestructible and completely impervious to all attempts to engage it in conversation in any but the most obscure and esoteric form of some dead language known only to a select few rarefied scholars or mummified monastics.

Certain barbaric spell-casters have discovered that they can force the Aeonic Synchropore to execute a Temporal Dislocation (what they naively refer to as a 'Time-Shift') by the liberal application of a Feeblemind spell. Unfortunately, for them, no one has learned how to do this in a controlled manner, thus it is probably best left for all but the most fool-hardy or desperate.

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