Thursday, August 22, 2019

Spell: Confound Flesh

Confound Flesh
Level: 5
Duration: 1 day per level of caster
Range: 30'

In an instant, everything in contact with the victim's flesh is commingled into a single organism. Clothes, armor, weapons, backpack contents; all of it is integrated into a mad, screaming mess. All potions caught within this spell's area of effect are subject to miscability effects, all rations are considered either wasted or consumed, all wine/water is lost. However all spell-books remain unaffected as stipulated by a nested codicil within the structure of the spell itself.

On a successful Save, the duration is halved and the victim reverts back to normal at the end of the spell with only a few minor lingering after-effects. A failed Save results in the victim becoming so integrated with their gear that they become an amalgam-creature and are no longer able to qualify as anything other than a Grotesk.


  1. Thanks! This spell is responsible for quite a few Grotesks, as if we needed anything more than the usual weird fluids and substances lying about the place...


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