Friday, January 2, 2015

Society for Truth (and Understanding)

"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything."
 Mark Twain

An unrepentant splinter-group composed of fragments of several lesser, unsuccessful conspiracies, cliques and cabals, the Society for Truth (and Understanding) have far too many interrogators and inquisitors in their ranks and too few recorders or administrators. They have all been issued elegant badges and have an elaborately worked-out hierarchy of ranks and offices, many of which are necessarily vacant at this time due to a dearth of suitable, acceptable candidates. Their Constitution, Charter and Articles are made up of several hundred pages of densely-scrawled hand-written script in six alternating cyphers, all heavily revised and much marked by the red pens of various committees and commissions of delegates elected haphazardly at their irregularly scheduled meetings at various beer halls, rathskellars and ale houses.

So far they have not managed to get much past the riotous ferment of overwrought rallies and heated discussions. It is very likely only a matter of time before someone, some charismatic speaker or ingenious rabblerouser will arise from within their ranks to work either terrible mischief or to bring about unspeakable horrors. But until then, people tend to ignore them as just another debating society. Perhaps they are. For now.


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    1. Thanks. There ought to be plenty of opportunities for trouble, mischief and plots for PCs to stumble into, discover, uncover or get tangled-up in with these folks...

  2. Sound like the worse kind of gaming club.

  3. Boy of boy, I just submitted a cult to Petty Gods Expanded, but your factional write up makes me feel...shallow. This is wonderful and fun. We've all worked in places or been in political organisms like this or been victims of them. Why should PCs be any different? Actually, maybe this organization was started by PC types!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, but I'm sure your entry was double-plus good. This is one of those groups that could easily grow out of player character actions or in response to their meddling in local politics...


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