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Bujilli: Cast of Characters

Bujilli has met quite a number of different people over the course of his adventures. Below you'll find a brief biographical sketch of the most significant characters that have shown up so far...I shall do my best to keep this all up-to-date as best I can. If you spot a glaring omission or error, please feel free to let me know in the comments or via email. Thanks!

Cast of Characters

He has his own Character Sheet.
There's also a rough bio of Bujilli: Who is Bujilli?
An unwanted half-breed child raised by his unscrupulous maternal Uncle, Bujilli began life by being used as bait--lowered in a rickety basket to distract centipedes and other things away from slightly older children who were sent down into dark places in search of shiny-bits and treasures. Despite the conniving, the lying and the scheming of his treacherous uncle, Bujilli survived, even thrived after a fashion, until finally he was old enough, strong enough, and clever enough to escape...with a little help from a strange green gem he had taken from an already mostly-looted tomb. Quite a lot has changed since those early days....

First Appeared in Episode 27
An unsanctioned outcast from Aman Utal, Leeja has become Bujilli's trusted partner, the one person he really does trust. Her nature is not entirely human, having more than a passing touch of Deep Dendo in her blood and bones...she has writhing white tendril-like hair and shimmering gold-green eyes that resemble those of her mother...
She has her own Character sheet.

Secondary alphabetical order

We have only heard of him in passing.
No one knows what he looks like. All anyone knows is that he may or may not have something to do with a wide variety of mysterious disappearances, making his reputation as sinister as it is mysterious. He has also taken an interest in Niobe and may have recruited her to his service...

First Appeared in Episode 40
We do not know very much about Bortho or his folk, other than they are descended from a group of survivors on an Adjacent World that fell into ruins in the course of a global bombardment by massive blocks of stone, possibly of lunar or asteroidal origin. Bortho and his kin have exhibited an instinctive time-slip ability, allowing them to move forward in time to a limited extent, most often when under duress. They have accepted a contract to explore the underworld regions beneath Idvard's Keep.

First Appeared in Episode 18
A machine-spirit, possibly a Thinking Machine, imprinted upon Bujilli's bones. Counsel is part of his inheritance as a human being as recognized by the ancient Transveyance Mechanism beneath Zormur's Palace. Counsel has been helpful at times, but rarely interferes unless specifically asked or ordered to take particular actions. Bujilli has yet to fully understand just what Counsel is and what it might be capable of doing...

Mistress Eberhard (Beatrice)
First Appeared in Episode 22
Mistress of the Arenas, Chief Administrator of the Entrance Exams for the Academy at Wermspittle; Beatrice Eberhard has had quite enough of being manipulated by those who cling to the shadows. But she is not the type to waste energy on getting angry...not when she can strike back...and can she ever strike back!

Gem of Muktra
First Appeared in Episode 1
Last Seen in Episode 
Bujilli discovered this strange gem while exploring a passage leading from the Cave of Centipedes to a series of tombs dug into the sheer face of a sheer cliff overlooking the valley of xxx. The Gem whispered to the young half-almas and taught him a few spells, in order to prepare him to go to a place it called Zalchis...

First Appeared in Episode 19
Bujilli (and Leeja's) one-time mentor and sponsor at the Academy in Wermspittle, Gnosiomandus has left the city and is currently making his way through the Kalaramar Drifts. Gnosiomandus was the focus of a story at Burrst, and will be featured in a serial at another site in the near future. He has hired-on two familiar travelling companions to accompany him on his trek through the Ten Thousand Plateaus and beyond...

First Appeared in Episode 21 (as the Crying Girl)
The daughter of an Antiquarian with a mysterious past, Gudrun was manipulated into attacking Bujilli by her one-time mentor's simulacra (Not-Sprague). Once freed of the psychic manipulation by the impostor, Gudrun found herself facing-off against Sharisse (See: Of A Feather), however in the course of their battle the two managed to sort out a few things and have since become fast friends and stalwart companions. Gudrun has disappeared from Wermspittle. Perhaps she has gone off on an adventure with Sharisse?

First Appeared in Episode 23
One of Bujilli's earliest friends and supporters, she is an ancient hag with ties and links to the Midwives, Seamstresses, Blau Engels, Gardeners, Strixin, and other factions. The Chief Administrator of the Living Collections, Menageries and Bestiaries, Hedrard has several serious rivals and enemies among the Conservators and the Chiefs of the Medical School who have always insisted upon their independence from the rest of the Academy. Hedrard was recently Imprisoned within the Gormenstille of New Chillon; Bujilli and Leeja have gone there to rescue Hedrard and Lemuel...

First Appeared in Episode 37
A Triloo Librarian who maintains an exclusive private library they have collected and assembled by looting the ruins and sifting the wreckage of book-shops, libraries, and private collections abandoned in the wake of the bombings, the riots, and the Second Occupation. Idvard has claimed a defunct Keep accessible via a weak Point located in an attic where he used to keep all his books. He has become the guide and protector of Borthos' people who have only just begun to explore the depths below Idvard's Keep in earnest. He has a contract with Bujilli and Leeja and considers them both to be very valuable assets. Triloo do not use the word 'friend,' except ironically.

First Appeared in Episode 21
Has gone on his own solo adventure into the depths of the Gormenstille
Lemuel was a naughty boy fresh off of a low-land farm, belly full of Hard Candy and his head full of bad advice from his cousins when he attacked Bujilli on first sight in order to better his placing in the Entrance Exams. Bujilli defeated the boy, then saved him at great personal peril. If it can be considered Lemuel was irrevocably transformed into a vaguely humanoid gellid mass by his massive overdose of Hard Candy. Hedrard crafted a werm-hide truss to help the boy retain his humanoid form and he has gone on to serve as an apprentice to the Keeper of Atrocities...
Due to their having somewhat shared the deep transformation brought on by the White Powder derived Hard Candy, Lemuel has a deep psychic bond with Bujilli, which he rarely uses, except in direst need...

First Appeared in Episode 66
Bujilli's father...a malevolent sorcerer from Tsan just know this guy is going to return one of these days, probably at the worst possible moment...

Middle-Sized Bear
First Appeared in Episode 93
A very well-educated and quite wise bear who seems to have a lot of connections and a good reputation as a scholar despite never having set foot on the grounds of the Academy...

First Appeared in Episode 85
Keeper of the Athenaeum in Wermpsittle, Morquin is a tall, elegant Tsalalian noble who has stood apart from the usual politics of the Academy for most of his time as the Keeper. Shael used Bujilli and Leeja to draw him out from behind his defenses and embroiled him in the recent kerfluffle...but Morquin is no fool and things did not go quite the way Shael expected...

Mama Rudta
First Appeared in Episode 87
An old, one-eyed woman wielding a gnarly-stick who leads a band of Wanderers. She and her followers left the city as of Episode

First Appeared in Episode 87
Returned to her people in Episode

Nemo 112811
First Appeared in Episode 101
An Eloi roof-runner...they were last seen fleeing wildly down a dark corridor in the Gormenstille in Episode 107...when their conditioning overcame their desire to escape. We never did find out why they were sent here...

Nemo 22722
First appeared in Episode 101
A Blue-Blooded scion of one of the secret Ignoble lineages of the Gormenstille, she has yet to recover from the emotional shock from having her Iron Mask removed in Episode 102, and cast-off in Episode 106. she ran off screaming into the darkness in Episode 107.

(Kapitain) Nemo 362436
First Appeared in Episode 101
Last Seen in Episode 102
A Nulgarrian cavalry officer, she was swallowed-up by something prowling the outerwalls of the Gormenstille. Her fate has yet to be decided...

First Appeared in Episode 47 
Went to see Bathurst in Episode 90
Leeja's sister, Niobe may or may not be on a mission for Bathurst. She originally went after him with violent intentions, but he was expecting her and made her an offer she couldn't easily refuse...

First Appeared in Episode 57
Last Seen in Episode 98
Former Headmistress of the Academy at Wermspittle, Shael has been horribly punished by the Privy Council who have condemned her to a slow death as her flesh transmutes into cloudy glass. She has left the Academy and taken refuge in one a half-ruined tower at the edge of the Burned Over District where she tortures mirrors and torments reflections trying to find some way to track down the Mirror-Born spy who passed himself off as Sprague...the man who married her then left her once his cover was blown.
She is also Leeja and Niobe's Aunt, and has familial ties to Deep Dendo. She never wanted her nieces to follow her into this place. It breaks her heart to know that she might be in any way responsible for them coming to Wermspittle...

First Met in Episode 31  (though she was part of the group of students trying to assassinate Bujilli in the previous episode...)
Gudrun's constant companion and best friend, Sharisse was released from her thralldom to the Wermic Host by Bujilli in Episodes 32 and 33. Sharisse will never starve again, nor can she be parasitized by the Werms...and she may well possess other capabilities we have yet to see revealed...

Sprague / Not-Sprague
First Appeared in Episode70 (as Not-Sprague)
Really First Appeared in Episode 75.(as Actual-Sprague)
Sprague is now boneless and can only operate physically by virtue of a host of sorcerous and mechanical interventions that are slowly destroying his body. He is a Master Oneirist and is contemplating some rather extreme options for his continued viability and effectiveness, including becoming more of a dream-thing. So far his loyalty and love for Shael has kept him from abandoning his self-destructing flesh. For now.

Not-Sprague has returned to those who sent him into Wermspittle on his mission of sabotage and subterfuge. We still do not know who his masters are, nor what their ultimate plans are...

First Appeared in Episode 112
A Pact-Bound entity who remains adamantly loyal to The Academy. Ulricht appears as a chain-mail armored hunchback astride a War Dodo, both of which are extravagantly plumed. He still recognizes Shael's authority and has decided to buy her some time to heal and gather her forces in order to re-take The Academy from those who would destroy it.

(Has yet to actually appear)
Drone-Maker who supplies Idvard with workers and defenders for his Keep. Idvard arranged for Bujilli to have a set of twenty drones held in reserve for him at Urmigan's shop.

First Appeared in Episode 96
Presumed Lost as of Episode 98
Once a bar-maid, Vushka bought-out the old owner of the Grampus-and-Krampus Tavern with her winnings from fighting in Underground Arenas. Large-boned and burly, this sensibly-armored woman is a trusted friend to Leeja, having shared some sort of adventures during Leeja's first year in Wermspittle. Vushka is the person who got Leeja into the Academy, as best as she could, back before she had quite the resources or reputation she has gained since those days. Vushka brought replacement armor to Leeja in Episode 97 before heading out into the streets to go fight the Tripods single-handedly...then in Episode 98 we saw Vushka damage the Resonator-mechanism of the Tripod she was attacking, causing it to fade out...taking her with it to who knows where...

Lady Yushgra
First Appeared in Episode 85
Consort-Protector of Morquin, a scheming Perdu with Ignoble blood and myriad ulterior motives...we have not seen very much of this Lady yet...but she will undoubtedly be very much involved in Shael's efforts to re-rake the Academy...and of course, Yushgra may well have her own agenda and plans in this regard...

The Dead and Deceased, both honored and not so much...

First Appeared in Episode
Expired in Episode
A child of the Purple Horde, he and his 'sister' were sent into Wermspittle with orders to assassinate Bujilli. They failed, though Ahven managed to severely poison Leeja with his Purple Exhalation.

First Appeared in Episode
Expired while spawning in Episode 
We never learned the stinky things' name, but it did play a mean game of chess.
Miasmagasters are monstrous beings

First Appeared in Episode 96
Destroyed in Episode 97
Triddel was a green-toothed bar-maid at the Grampus-and-Krapus Tavern. She was werm-ridden and Bujilli destroyed her with the Purging Green Flames spell in an attempt to release her soul, if not her body from enslavement to the Wermic Host.

Uncle (*)
First Appeared in Episode
Killed in Episode
Bujilli's Uncle forbade him from ever saying his name, fearing it might be used against him. He was killed, but as a sorcerer with an extensive repertoire of pacts, attunements and other has to wonder if it will stick.

First Appeared in Episode 
Dissolved into Loathsome Mass in Episode 
Leeja's former employer at the Beast Pens. Unfred had connections to the Corruption Trade and tried to sell Bujilli to the Butchers while he was suffering from the effects of Salted Shot and inhaled White Powder.

Each Series of Bujilli's Ongoing Adventures is being collected, revised (and slightly expanded) and hopefully will be available very soon.

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