Sunday, March 24, 2013

Petty Gods and Our Imminent PDF

I've been caught-up in getting the Space-Age Sorcery PDF done, so I've fallen behind on making posts here at the blog. Ever since I saw that Gorgonmilk had taken up the reins and was hard at work getting Petty Gods revived, revised and released, I have intended to contribute something to the effort. I missed the boat the first time around and I certainly don't want to miss out this time around. Jody has completed her proofreading and editing chores, so now I'm in the final stages of making all the corrections and revisions and all that fun stuff. We limited this free pdf to 26 pages of content, with a front and back cover (you don't have to print those if you don't want to), featuring a weird miscellany of spells with a few handy random tables that can be adapted or plugged into any number of games, campaigns or settings. Think Lovecraftian Space Opera, or Skeletor facing-off against Darklon in a post apocalyptic Amber-shadow of Arduin or Skaith, or something like that. But with shoggoths. Everything is better with shoggoths; Irving is pretty adamant about that. Ahem. In any case we're formatting the Space-Age Sorcery pdf using Swords & Wizardry, mostly because it's pretty easy to convert and/or adapt stuff from that over to any other OSR-style RPG like say Humanspace Empires,  Mutant Future or some unholy mash-up of Metamorphosis Alpha,  Hulks & Horrors Realms of Crawling Chaos and X-Plorers or Bandits and Battlecruisers, or whatever old school Sci-Fantasy/Space Opera game(s) you prefer. Heck, it wouldn't take much effort to port these spells over to Rogue Space or Stars Without Number. You could also use these spells for special NPCs or monsters, or build a whole post apocalyptic campaign where Thundarr-like wizards have used these spells to devastate dozens of worlds...

So, once we have Space-Age Sorcery out there as a free pdf, I'm hoping to have some time to write-up a Petty God or two. Then it's on to the Worldboats pdf and the expanded and even weirder Space-Age Sorcery sourcebook/supplement that we're hoping to make available in print because Brutorz Bill asked for it. Irving was pretty insistent that we do this as well.

EDIT: Serious OMG! Moment--Over the course of the last week or so, Grogonmilk has managed to elevate the Petty Gods project from a simple revival of a stalled-out community effort to a truly amazing (and effective!) rallying cry for old school gamers everywhere. And he has somehow managed to get Michael Moorcock to join in the fun! Wow! Way to go Gorgonmilk! This is the most mind-blowingly exciting OSR project ever...which just goes to show how much can really happen in a week. Incredible, simple incredible.

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