Sunday, January 1, 2023

1d6 Random Generator-sites for Dungeon23

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 For Dungeon23 I thought that I would assemble a short list of Generator-sites to have handy if I decide to get a little more randomness into the design process, or I get stuck, whichever. Instead of going with the usual suspects, I thought it would be more fun to draft up a simple D6 table of Generators I can roll on when I need one. Here it is:

  1. Chartopia  This site is simply bursting at the seems with all manner and sort of random generators.
  2. Donjon  There's a Lot to choose from at this site as well. Might start out with the Weird Names or Treasure Generator and see what I get from those.
  3. Glumdark looks to have some really cool stuff available like Bad Places, Bad Omens, or Suspicious Strangers.
  4. Mithril & Mages has a nice selection of generators for AD&D1, Labyrinth Lord or Barebones Fantasy, so I expect to be poking about this site off and on. I am especially interested in trying out the Monster Mangler which is a generator that mashes together two monsters to make something new and weird.
  5. Seventh Sanctum offers some interesting options for Settings & Locations that might prove helpful.
  6.  Thieve's Guild also has a bunch of generators worth exploring a bit. There's a Cheapy Art Objects one as well as a series of generators that produce Art Objects that run up to 7,500GP. So that could be interesting to try out.

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