Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Belated Wrap-Up for April 2018 Blog Carnival

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 So, funny thing happened on the way through 2018. I injured my back and did not get back to the blog until November. The other post for April was already in the queue and on a timer. The chronic pain was definitely getting the best of me around then. So was the brain-fog that goes with it. These are not excuses. This is what was going on. I also slipped-up and somehow did not post the wrap-up post for the RPG Blog Carnival for April 2018 that we hosted. I honestly thought I had set up that post and that it had gone up...but nope. No sign of the thing. Aside from being embarrassing, this just will not do at all. I'm feeling a lot better and part of getting back into the grog-bloggery means fixing a few broken things and addressing some weird lapses and gaps like this one. So, if you'll pardon me, I will now post the wrap-up once and for all. I do apologize for the delay. If I could have avoided it, I would have.

The Carnival had the theme of Journals, Grimoires & Spellbooks. You can go check out the Original post if you like, but really, I think it would be better to click over to the various contributors and see what they wrote for this somewhat delayed/incomplete Carnival.

Mind Weave Role-Playing Platform was the first to  contribute a post concerning The Servant's Journal, an unsanctioned record of the day-to-day dealings of a Gnomish servant's master that might not always be quite so flattering.

Vance over at Leicester's Ramble not only posted a set of very interesting Lost Tomes, they've done a whole series of posts concerning Lost Tomes that is well worth reading.

Loot the Room did have a couple of posts regarding a Manual of Mystical Monikers and/or a Tome of Naming, but I cannot locate the posts any longer. That's a shame, as they were quite excellent, back when this was all fresh and such.

Reckoning of the Dead posted an intriguing account of a sinister grimoire known as Touch Me Not that is perfect for Cthulhu-ish games and possibly others.

Tim B. over at The Other Side blog posted about Building an Arcane Library. His table for sorting out the Quality of an Arcane Library's contents is super-compact yet loaded with utility. Great stuff.

Mind Weave Role-Playing Platform wound everything up with another very cool post, this time providing a Brief List of Tomes that could easily find their way into nearly any campaign, game or session.

So there it is, finally. Again, I apologize for having dropped the ball on wrapping-up this Carnival. It was not intentional. I'm doing a lot better now and looking forward to 2023.

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    1. Happy New Year to you as well! I am still a bit weirded-out by this post going missing. I was pretty sure that I had uploaded it in a timely manner...but apparently nope. Either way, it's there now. Onwards!


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