Monday, November 24, 2014

What They Left Behind [Random Tables for Joy]

First things first, Joy starts-out in her family's mostly abandoned Farm-house, a type of fortified manor-baserri in the Old South region of the Low-Lands. Before she goes anywhere, there're three floors worth of rooms (not counting closets and pantries), the Attic, and the Root-Cellar to go explore and gather-up whatever gear, armor/weapons, or supplies she might want to take with her...

What They Left Behind (1d30)
  1. Assorted old knives, choppers, and poky-bits. Includes a few well-made daggers, filet-knives, grass-knives (sickles), and a few folding-style jack-knives and at least one very good hunting knife that used to belong to one of your great-aunts.
  2. Cauldron. It weighs three times what you do.
  3. Six large burlap sacks rolled-up tightly and bound with twine. Each one holds four smaller sacks, if you open one up. They are water-proof and hold twice as much as they ought to hold.
  4. Broom. Makes a reasonable torch as last resort.
  5. Case of 22 bright-wick candles. Made from tallow mixed with bee's wax. You can eat these, if you have to; they taste like candy but more than three bites will give you a sore stomach. As you remember all too vividly from past experience.
  6. Flint and steel in a small leather parfletch.
  7. Woodsmen's Axe, also several smaller hand-axes, hatchets and a couple of hammers and a mallet that still has a wobbly handle.
  8. Seven ten-foot poles. Also eight fourteen-foot cane poles for fishing or dangling.
  9. Harness for Dodoes. Hasn't been used in decades.
  10. Wood-working tools. Three complete sets, but all of them scattered about the place and the tool-boxes are all gone, except for one rickety old thing that needs to be repaired.
  11. Twenty seven pairs of heavy wool socks stacked neatly on a small table next to the fire-place.
  12. Fire-place poker. The tip becomes red-hot or freezing cold on command.
  13. Various tongs, scoops, shovels, spades and similar general tools in all sizes, shapes and types.
  14. Three one hundred pound blocks of rock salt.
  15. Two empty barrels.
  16. Anvil. You're not sure why it is in the middle of the sitting room.
  17. Riding crop from your Uncle's time in the Western Counties. The bottom screws off and reveals a nasty little knife.
  18. Two cases of assorted nuts, bolts, screws, nails and the like.
  19. Block and tackle, missing the chains.
  20. Sixteen cans of heavy axle grease.
  21. Two mildewed tarpaulins.
  22. Seventeen blankets, twenty-seven random rugs, an assortment of curtains and drapes, as well as a few knit draft-blocking tubular pillows and a pair of sachets packed with fresh mint.
  23. Tiny Tripod Lantern.
  24. Someone's antique watch. The inside lid holds a faded photo of some unknown relative and an inscription in Korlish that seems to be a blessing.
  25. (2d4) Assorted hand-made Dowsing Rods.
  26. Half of a hand-carved chess-set. All the Green pieces. The board is missing.
  27. Spinning Wheel. This one looks ancient. The wood is blackened and the needle is sharper than a hornet's sting, so watch out.
  28. Small wooden box full of old dog collars, leashes, chokers and muzzles.
  29. Two string-sacks of root vegetables were left at the foot of the staircase. Another three sacks up at the top.
  30. Four plugs of red tobacco.

Other Useful Things (1d20)
  1. Three gallon can of light blue lamp-oil.
  2. Sack of random rags, fabric swatches, patches and some red-cotton batting.
  3. Twenty-three skeins of assorted yarn.
  4. Knitting needles (6d20+20), with assorted paraphenalia.
  5. Sixteen pounds of raw un-carded wool.
  6. Five decent zinn-plated traps suitable for small game Badger-sized or smaller.
  7. Spindles, carding-brushes, and assorted fiber-working tools.
  8. A pair of coachman's gonnes (blunderbusses). One is missing the lock-assembly, the other one needs the stock adjusted or replaced.
  9. Mother's sewing supplies.
  10. Stack of old clothes to be torn-down into rags and such.
  11. Dozens of wicker baskets of all sizes and shapes.
  12. Three good buckets, two zinn-plated pails and a container for hot ashes that got left somewhere other than where it belongs, again.
  13. One mis-matched boot.
  14. (3d6) Small cooking pots and pans, all light-weight and meant to be used over an open fire.
  15. Assortment of cooking spits, roasting pins, long-handled tongs and fork, and other utensils for cooking outdoors.
  16. Fishing tackle. All packed-up and ready to go. Includes your Uncle's old filet-knife and scale-scraper.
  17. Four hundred feet of rope in fifty-foot sections.
  18. Old Air-Gonne. Franzikaner-style, from some relatives' time in the Empire way, way back. The seals are still moist and the thing works, but it is a hand-pump model, not one of the fancy new electric-pump models. The assorted tools, ammunition, replacement seals and owner's manual (in Franzik) are all packed inside a bandolier and belt harness that is kept in the main down-stairs closet.
  19. Anchor and (50') light chain from old fishing boat.
  20. Twelve rough-cut hawthorn stakes and a bundle of garlic, wolvesbane and other herbs.

In the Kitchen & Pantries (1d10)
  1. (1d6) Cases of stale Hard-tack.
  2. One big stinky cheese, coated in red wax.
  3. Six smoked ducks, tightly trussed and wrapped in waxed brown-paper.
  4. Three jars of home-made jelly. Your favorite, according to your Gram--it's not.
  5. Four jars of jelly. The good stuff, left by your Mum.
  6. A hunter's pack loaded with enough dry fruit, jerky, and other stuff to last you two weeks.
  7. Three flat-cylinder Jorish-style field canteens. Two are filled from the house well, the third holds Grampa's hootch.
  8. Fourteen pounds of dry beans in an old flour sack.
  9. Three wine-skins red wine. Two wine-skins white wine. One bottle very potent brandy.
  10. Four stout jugs of cooking oil. Two sealed jars of reserved oil. One can of rancid oil.

Up in the Attic (1d20)
  1. Three stuffed animals, two old pillows, sixteen blankets--all of it smells musty.
  2. Old Miner's Pick, handle is rotten.
  3. Hobby-horse.
  4. Three boxes of assorted dolls including one Guignol Petit Mal that somehow has gotten loose from its cage. The vile little thing has a lot of pent-up resentment for one of your relatives.
  5. Spyglass in leather sheath. Twist the brass ring and it is a kaleidoscope.
  6. Sack of marbles. There's a hole in the sack where a mouse got in to steal a few.
  7. Saddle from Yazmik Terror-Bird Cavalry.
  8. (3d6) Bunches and bundles of dried herbs hanging from rafters.
  9. (2d6) Dried and/or smoked meat tied to rafters.
  10. Hunting decoys. One is actually a disguised flask filled with berry-infused vodka.
  11. Snow-shoes. Four pair that are too small, three pair too big and one pair that might fit...if you take time to replace the bindings.
  12. Steel-runner sled. Slightly rusty. Left-runner is bent from hitting a tree.
  13. Skis. All the wax is gone. Maybe you can use grease?
  14. Wagon missing one wheel. Behind is is a box of good, clean white sand packed with (3d6) Plow-Grubs. They ought to be torpid...
  15. Assorted broken toys waiting to be repaired.
  16. Forgotten box of Galtzas--impish little construct-things in red pants with ridiculous hats.
  17. Trunk containing a full set of Jelly-Hunting gear, all the armor, masks, gloves, boots, waders, catching-basins, buckets, siphons, pumps, and syringes.
  18. Steel crossbow set-up for killing gargoyles. Case of twenty heavy bolts next to it.
  19. Sewer Militia member's work-detail jacket, all insignia removed.
  20. Dozens of boots in a box. They all are a bit chewed-up by mice. At the bottom is a civil-defense helmet deeply pitted from exposure to Black Smoke.

Down in the Cellar (1d10)
  1. A barrel of crackers dating back to the Athkabsian Revolution (more than a century).
  2. Roll once on Questionable Trinkets & Trash Table II.
  3. Three half-carved scarecrows in need of heads and a bit more.
  4. Post-hole digger, stuck in a partly-dug hole.
  5. Three sacks of cement.
  6. Four buckets of gray-lime grout with trowels and mixing pan.
  7. (1d4) Mousefolk. They've dug their way into the cellar while you've been away.
  8. Many jars of preserves, all coated in dust, with a base 10% chance to pop, break, leak or otherwise prove inconvenient. There's a reason these got left behind.
  9. Roll once on Questionable Trinkets & Trash Table IV.
  10. Roll for Initiative--there's a Vicious Slime down there!

Joy in Wermspittle


  1. Filled with implied story as usual, nice work. And quite fun to read as well.

    1. Glad you liked it--we both had a lot of fun putting these tables to use last night, and we'll be coming back to them as Joy explores the mostly-empty Farmstead...


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