Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spell: Egregious Effusion

Egregious Effusion
Level: 2
Duration: 6 Rounds
Range: 30'

This spell forces 1d4 targets caught within its area of effect to uncontrollably give vent to all their negative emotions and opinions. Those affected get so caught-up in their ranting that they must make a Save or begin violently lashing out at a randomly selected target--anyone within reach/range. Anyone surviving such an attack incurs a permanent -1 penalty of all subsequent Morale and Reaction Rolls involving the person that attacked them while under the influence of this spell.


  1. Sounds like the perfect spell for the age of social media!

    1. Oh heck. I didn't know that went up yet. I've been trying to get caught-up and started loading stuff into the queue again. Well, glad you liked it. There's a few more coming. If I get more time to work on things later today. Still not up to speed...this has been a tough few weeks...


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